Software Development

Service desk

If you are looking to launch your software to a direct sales opportunity or one of the application market places, nothing shouts "quality and professional" more than having a readily contactable service desk.

With a minimum commitment of only 3 months and very low start up costs we are able to support your launch or longer term service strategy with a simple Monday to Friday daytime through to a full  24 x 7 offering.

Service level creation

Having a service or piece of software is one thing but articulating that into a contractual service level agreement that ensures your customers know what they are getting ensures that the ongoing relationship is maintained on a steady footing.

With years of experience reading over a wide range of contracts and service level agreements we can quickly document a balanced SLA for review by your contract team (or we can arrange that for you), leaving you to concentrate on the ongoing development and support of your software.

Service design

Starting with the overal support journey, we are experienced in mapping the support flow through the inital contact point, out through all of the individual service and support providers.

But Service Design does not stop there. As well as the supporting processes such as change management, we also include the other ITSM processes such as capacity management, tool selection, monitoring and event management to name but a few in our holistic service approach.

Service reviews

Dependant on the size of your client base, you may wish to offer a periodical service review. Traditionally these focus on the way that the service has ben delivered against the SLA / contract but can also incorporate other areas such as the development pipeline and new opportunities.

As experienced service managers, we are able to represent your brand either as part of a standalone service review or also as a single point of contact for all service issues.

Basic service desk

Using the Service Desk / Incident Management module within FreshService, our basic offering provides a Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 service desk. A 4 hour response time is our standard SLA at this level with email and portal ticket logging available.

Extended hours service desk

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we are able to offer a full 24 x 7 service desk incorporating much tighter response SLA's, especially around P1 issues. In this case we offer a "log by phone" option.

Major Incident Management

In the event of a major issue occuring, our experienced Major Incident Managers can take control of the situation, co-ordinating all of the resolver groups and providing client specific directed comms as required.

Simple SLA creation

If you are after a "service on a page" approach, we can take the key elements of your service offering and bring this alive in a simple cut down Service Level Agreement.

Service contract creation

Before you engage the legal team, why not cut down on the time and resource needed by allowing us to draft your starting service contract. We can focus on the key selling points of your service offering to give you that subtle edge over your competitors.

Support process mapping

Whether you have a simple or complex stack used to deliver your application, using a service management specialist to document the interdependencies not only gives potential clients the level of reassurance that you are not just a software house, but in the event of a significant issue, provides you with the starting point of the investigation into root cause and an efficient way of ensuring that all of the correct resolvers are engaged.

Building long term service sustainability

Service design is not just about the tool and the resolver teams. Taking it to the next level we can incorporate aspects such as how changes get implemented, an approach to release management as well as reviewing capacity management and planning, DR and high availability.

Periodical service review

Starting with a comprehensive service pack, our experience of managing complex suppliers and clients will allow us to prepare a pack to represent your software brand to your clients.

Single point of service contact

We can compliment the service desk offering by providing resource to represent your brand as the service face to you clients. Whether it is a point of escalation or an engagement model to drive the releationship forward, of 15+ year managing IT services gives us the confidence to offer you this to enhance your brand.