Small Businesses

Documenting your IT service estate

The starting point of any good service approach is a clear visibility of your IT Services.

From this, all of the other processes which can assist you with reducing your costs, driving up availabilty or ensuring you are licence compliant can take place.

Suppliers, contracts and SLA's

If contracts and supplier management are not your thing, or you would rather focus on your core business, we can take the job of overseeing or reviewing your IT suppliers off your hands.

As well as reviewing performance against the contract, we can engage on your behalf even going as far as documenting a full representation of your services in the form of a Service Level Agreement.

Tenders and changes

If you are looking to change one of your suppliers whether this is an infrastructure element such as your network support or the replacement of a key software element such as your PED devices or finance software, we are able to take care of the full end to end tender process including requirements gathering through to the final shortlisting and supplier presentations.

If you have an existing software stack that requires changes or upgrading, our extensive experience in management development teams and projects would ensure your chosen partner has you best interests in terms of stability and availabilty at heart.

When things go wrong

Lets face it, sometimes things go wrong. You may lose a set of services completely or are experiencing poor performance. This can be turnover or profit impacting especially if one of your sales channels is a web presence which is degraded.

We have managed system outages ranging from virus outbreaks to full data centre failures and the full spectrum of possibilities in between. Plus we operate 24 x 7!

Identifying your services

By sitting with your team or operation, we have developed a quick and efficient way of extracting the key information with the minimum amount of disruption. This allows us to then leave site and work with you remotely to ensure the full assesment is completed and documented with the minimum interuption.

Reviewing your licences

If you are worried about your licence compliance, we are able to map your PC and server estate and then correlate this against your held licence's.

Creating good support

Good support is as much about the process as it is the supplier itself. Whether it is reviewing or creating a service desk as a single point of contact or documenting and testing the contact / call flows, we are able to ensure that if support is reqjuired, it is initiated in the most efficient manner..

Getting competitive service costs

You may not need "gold standard" but you do need what is appropriate. Our extensive experience of managing a wider breadth of IT services allows us to quickly work with your supplier base and review other options to give you a tiered "shopping basket" to review and compare..

Starting asset management

As well as documenting the overal picture of your services and suppliers, the next level is to start capturing the actual IT assets. This allows you to ensure that as well as building hardware refreshes into your 5 year budgets other considerations such as licence management and operating system patching become so much easier.

IT Roadmap

With technology ever changing, our consultants are best place to share with you not only what is in the market place but also how it is being leveraged by other organisations. If you are thinking about refershing your estate or implementing a new system we would be happy to help you understand and assist with your IT roadmap.

IT Budget

IT can be a significant cost driver and making sense of the cost of hardware, software and support as well as the TCO of the end users desktop can be aided by us. If you are at the stage where you are planning a 3 - 5 year budget or putting a business case together our experience in managing large scale IT budgets may be of assistance.

A major incident!

Time is of the essence when things go wrong and our Major Incident Managers have developed an assertive manner as well as a way of working with IT suppliers to ensure that a focus on the primary objective or restoring service is maintained. Don't be frighetened to ring us as we do this 24 x 7.

Upgrades and development

As well as being experienced in IT Service Management, we also have consutants from a development and project management background. If you are looking to carryout system developments or upgrade we can either assist or advise on these matters. .