ITSM Consultancy

With our roots firmly in the IT Service Management area, we can offer resources to cover long term assignments as well as short term placements to help with process reviews and re-engineering.

All of our consultants are qualified with the relevant IT Service Management credentials which are backed up with years of operational experience.

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Project and PMO

Whether it is a significant technology transformation, a data centre move, creating a roadmap of release management or delivering a testing solution, our consultants have had experience of a breadth of projects in a variety of industries..

Our consultants follow both Agile and Waterfall methodolgies and carry the relevant experience underpinned where required by accredited qualifications.

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Small Businesses

We have always believed that private / small businesses should have access to the same experienced resources and processes enjoyed by the large corporate sector.

We are continuing to develop this offering and would welcome you getting in contact to discuss your needs in more detail.

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Software Developers

With the rapid expansion in the mobile and tablet sector, the portability of applications has become widespread. Add the ease of deployment via the common market places and it has never been easier for a developer / development house to go to market.

You may need a start up service management wrap, support in putting your service level agreements together or a low cost service desk to give your application that professional "front of house" experience. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these options with you.

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Head of Service

Working with some of the biggest names in the UK technology, logistics and retail spaces, our consultants have managed a broad range of service teams incorportating service desks, 2nd line support functions, development and traditional service delivery units.

Change Management

As well as taking on the BAU management of a traditional ITIL style change management function, our speciality lies in the review and re-architecting change processes to leverage your toolset and drive quality into the approval and CAB aspects. Untimately reducing the amount of outage time attributed to failed changes!

Incident and Major Incident Management

Would it sound strange if we said we enjoyed Major Incidents? Thrive is probably a better choice of word as our drive and desire is to get the service back as quickly as possible to minimise the impact on your customers. We have developed these skills in the retail and logistic sectors where service and time go hand in hand..

Head of Change / PMO

Whether it is an established change functon or the development of an emerging capability, we are able to provide appropriately skilled resources to manage not only the day to day running of the PMO but also the line management of your PM's and BA's.

Project Management

Waterfall or Agile? Our consultants have had exposure to both types of delivery methodolgy and are comfortable with a range of Project Management software products. If you are looking for a short term resource to support your existing project team or a dedicated resource to land a new project we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.

Business Analyst

Taking the needs of the operation and turning it into a solid Business Requirements Document is the key art of the BA. We have experience of complex projects such as full WMS implementations down to smaller pieces of work such as the re-architecture of an RF guns menu option flow.

Service Desk

Driving operational excellance, shortening the incident duration and "shifting left" are phrases we are comfortable with. We have access to consultants who have managed both internal and external service desks as well as managing the transition from one state to the other.

IT Supplier Management

Whether it is a major player in the IT Outsourcing space or a key application vendor, the management of IT suppliers form the foundation of a number of our consultants skillsets.


Getting from the inital selection of a supplier base through to the first shortlist is the easy part. Then the hard work starts where tenders are reviewed, presented and refined. We are comfortable running RFI/RFQ processes on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on the key operational aspects of your business.