We are an IT Consultancy based in North Wales specialising in IT Service Management and Project Management with an evolving portfolio of services aimed at bringing ITSM to small businesses and software developers. Incorporated in 2006 we have secured contracts with a number of the well known UK brands.
We have always believed that small businesses should benefit from the skills and processes that have evolved in the large corporate world. With the majority of companies now having some dependency on IT, providing low cost access to ITSM professionals has always been part of our vision. You can find out more on our Small Business page.
We have published a rate card but with the broad range of roles across the UK and market forces it should always be taken as an indication. Each contract role tends to have different elements that get discussed which can influence the final agreed day rates. We also offer a lower day rate for small businesses as we acknowledge that these tend to operate on very tight margins and may only be buying in a small numbers of days.
The initial answer should be yes, but we believe that Nuts and May is more that a single person ITSM consultancy. We are developing our service offering past large organisations to operate in some of the smaller markets of software developers and small businesses. Also with our extensive experience and network we are able to source from a small but trusted group of associates therefore giving us some of the depth of larger consultancies but without the cost overhead.
Invoices are created at the end of the month and our standard payment terms are 30 days unless agreed otherwise.
Our standard consultancy contracts are normally 3 or 6 months with a 1 month termination period on both sides. We are also able to do fixed term / work assignments whereby a terms of reference is created and we will create a work estimate for that specific delivery. Our small business offering allows small units of days to be requested. We aim to offer a flexible service that is alligned to the needs of the client.
All of our consultants or associates will hold an up to date Prince2 or ITIL V3 qualification, depedendant on the field they are operating in.
Yes we do. The changes in April 2017 has made this more complex but all engagements are reviewed to understand any IR35 obligation and should the assignment fall within IR35 the day rate would be discussed and reflected accordingly.
We can operate through both methods.